Jojoba Naturals 4oz

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This liquid gold jojoba was harvested from Jojoba Natural's sustainable farms. Our jojoba trees are rain-fed, nourished only with organic fertilizers and are never treated with pesticides. The jojoba seeds are had harvested and washed, sun dried, cold pressed and triple filtered. After you experience our product, you will clearly note the superior feel and results of our jojoba. We hope you enjoy it!

Uses: Pure liquid jojoba is a natural and renewable plant extract which is so similar to your body's natural oils that it rapidly penetrates and moisturizes your skin and hair without leaving any oily residue. Liquid jojoba not only prevents dry skin, but has been shown to naturally reduce facial lines within hours. You may directly apply it to the skin, or mix a small amount (approximately one tablespoon per bottle) with your preferred bath product to enhance its moisturizing and protecting qualities.</cite>

Ingredients: 100% pure natural jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) liquid wax.

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